Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Network Support Problems

Windows XP is an operating system in the line of Windows Operating system. It was an operating system that was used by many people and continues to be in use today, even after three other Windows versions have been released. It still remains very popular even when the support would end in the coming year.
Windows has got extensive Networking support and is also a very easy to use operating system. Sometimes there are problems when the internet goes down on your computer but it is still online for other people on the same network. When this happens it is just a problem of your network cards. The network is what connects your system to the rest of the computers and to the world wide web. This means that if you don’t have a connection to the Network it would result in your productivity going down easily. You can contact Windows Tech support to solve your problem.
But solving the network issue is pretty easy. All you have to do is reset your Network services and that would solve your issue.
  • Click Start and then navigate to the Control Panel. The Control Panel is where you can manage all the system settings if your computer.
  • Double click on Add or Remove programs icon on the Control Panel window.
  • Double click on the Add or Remove Windows Components on the left pane of the Add or Remove Programs windows
  • Click to uncheck the Networking Services check box on the Windows Components Wizard dialog box. Click the Next button. This will remove the Network support from your computer.
  • Insert the Microsoft XP setup CD in the CD-Drive of your computer.
  • Open the Control Panel again and navigate to the Add/Remove Windows components dialog box. Here you can reinstall the Network services again. Click on the Networking Services check box on the Windows components wizard dialog box and click on the Next button. The computer will now read from the CD and install Network services back on your computer again.
  • Once everything is completed click on Finish to finish the process.
  • You have successfully reinstalled Network services now.
Your internet connection would probably be back up now. If you continue to have anymore problem with the Network don’t hesitate to contact Windows Tech support.

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