Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How To Restore And Repair Windows XP Start Menu

The access and control over your Windows XP is made easier by the shortcut icons and program access on the Start menu. Using this Start menu, users can have direct access to various installed programs and control actions within the system. The Start menu come as default display in Windows XP and the other icons on the desktop and task bar can be customized according to the choice of the users.
Occasionally, the Start menu might behave strangely. It may disappear from its location or you may not find some installed programs on your Start menu, which used to be there before. This will make it hard to launch a program or access files. The most common cause for this file disappearing maybe due to the error with the Windows Explorer application.
However, these problems can be easily fixed by performing the following troubleshooting steps. Simply follow these Windows XP help guidelines shared below to fix the problem in no time. These tips are provided by Microsoft to help you restore and recover from undesired changes.


Press Ctrl, Alt and Del keys simultaneously on your computer keyboard. This action will bring up the Task Manager window on your screen.
On the Task Manager window, you will find different tabs namely Applications, Processes, Performance, Networking, and Users. Now click on the tab labeled Processes. Under the Processes tab, you will find the list of programs that are presently running on the system.
Scroll through the list and locate the file marked as explorer.exe. Single click on the service to highlight it.
Click the button labeled End Process at the bottom of the Task Manager window. When you get a warning dialog box to confirm the action, click Yes.
Now click on the tab marked as Applications. Click the New Task option at the bottom of the Task Manager window.
A new window labeled Create New Task will appear and type in explorer.exe in the field space. Confirm the action by clicking on OK. This will display the Start menu again and will bring back the lost icons to display.
These Windows XP help tips will guide you to successfully bring the necessary changes to recover the lost icons. If you want more assistance, contact Microsoft Support team and get your problems fixed easily.

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