Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guidelines to reinstall and activate Windows XP sp2

Uninstalling and reinstalling Windows in your system is in fact easier than telling the word “Reinstall”. It’s an effortless process. Microsoft builds up the Windows operating systems with Half DOS and half GUI setup procedure which would take approximately an hour. This is an advantage as you may want to reinstall the Windows in your computer more often due to various virus attacks, for cleaning your computer or to reinstate it. Microsoft Windows XP tech support team has made it quiet effortless to reinstall and activate Windows XP SP2 in your computer with their newly developed solution. Follow these steps to reinstate and activate your copy of Windows.
Follow these Instructions to reinstall and activate your System
Place the Windows XP P2 installation Disc into your CD drive.
Now press on the “Restart” button on your CPU or choose the “Restart” option from the “Shut down” menu. Press “F12” or “Esc” key to prompt the boot screen to initiate the reinstallation. Now op the “CD-ROM” to go on with the installation. The keys to prompt the boot device screen depend upon the computer manufacturers.
Now hit on the “F8” button to check on the “License agreement” and pick the current partition. Once you are done with the current partition selection press on the “Enter” key on your keyboard to start the installation process of Windows XP SP2. In case if your computer is having multiple partitions select the particular partition in which you wish to carry out the installation process.
Now select the partition as NTFS file system.
Fill in the GUI setup screen with the necessary details like license key, time zone, Computer name and network settings. It will take in the region of 45 minutes. Once it’s done hang around until the system restarts.
Computer will restart with an activation bubble in the notification area, clicking on it will bring up the activation menu. Choose your method of activation, i.e. via phone or internet.
Activation via internet would be completed within 2 minutes, hang around till that. But if you are activating via phone, call the number produced by activation Wizard developed by Windows XP tech support team and follow the technician.
“Restart” your PC again to successfully complete the whole process.
If you successfully completed activation of your Windows XP SP2 you won’t see the activation reminder prompted by Windows again.