Monday, August 4, 2014

Email Templates In Outlook

Just as you see with other Microsoft Office applications, MS Outlook, the email client application also supports convenience-enhancing features like templates. In Outlook however, it is known as email templates.

With the help of this feature, you can design templates that contain boilerplate email message. Moreover, you can create a toolbar button in Outlook, allowing you to compose a new email message consisting of this boilerplate text. This way, all you need to do is add relevant information in the form and customize other content you wish to add for creating a brand new message.

It only requires that you understand the basic technique. Once you master it, you can easily create Outlook templates and use them on them on the toolbar. This Outlook help article will guide you in understanding this basic technique.

Steps to follow
  • Launch a New Message window in Outlook the way you normally do. Then, enter or copy in the message or information that you would like to appear as the boilerplate text.
  • In case the subject is the same for all your messages, you can add the subject name as well. Similarly, if you plan to send the same message to a particular group of people recurrently, you can include them in the To, Cc and Bcc fields.
  • When everything is done, go to File menu and then click on Save As button.
  • Give a name for this template in the pop-up dialogue box, and then select Outlook Template (*.oft) from the drop-down menu in the Save As box. Click OK and your email template will be ready for use.
Like any other software, even Microsoft Outlook is not foolproof. Even a software as efficient as Outlook can give too many error messages at times. This can happen for the newly created email template as well, even though you have constructed it carefully and patiently.

Therefore, to deal with such issues, Outlook offers an inbuilt recovery tool known as Advanced Outlook Repair. This is an excellent tool, that helps to fix Microsoft Outlook problems quickly, and this way you will not lose any important data. Advanced Outlook Repair utility not only fixes the issues, but also helps to recover messages in HTML format. It also recovers embedded objects such as Word documents and Excel Worksheets. This way it ensures that even the templates remain unaffected.

So, now you know to create a Outlook template, use it and ensure its recovery in case of issues. Make use of this awesome feature whenever you need it. For any assistance in the matter, feel free to contact Outlook help center.