Monday, October 27, 2014

Configuring Outlook For Junk Email Messages

If the junk email messages are bothering you, you can protect yourself against these by configuring the junk mail in the Outlook program. For instance, it can be that you get junk mail all the time from the same contact with advertisements, or other junk mails. In the Outlook program, users have the option to block these email messages so that they will not arrive in your inbox. If you make use of such a configuration, you will not have to delete all these junk emails from the inbox everyday from the Outlook program. The tips from Omnitech guides that are posted below will help you to know more on configuring the Outlook program for junk email messages.


  • In the Outlook window, click on the Tools tab located in the menu bar. 
  • Select Options. 
  • Now you will have to click on the Junk Email button. 
  • You will be able to see 4 tabs. These tabs are discussed below. 

In this tab, you will be able to choose the level of junk email protection. You can choose 'No automatic filtering’ to 'Safe List Only' to configure what to do with the junk email messages in the Outlook program. You can find what each of the levels mean in the description of the levels.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose if the junk email has to be deleted permanently or whether these email messages have to be stored in some special folder.

Safe Senders

You will be able to add email addresses of domain names that are safe and never should be treated as junk emails. The email address that you think is safe can be added manually by selecting the Add button or you can import it from a file by choosing the Import from File button.

Safe Recipients

You will be able to configure the list of safe senders in the Safe Senders tab. Here you can configure it for the recipients instead of the senders.

Blocked Senders

You can add or remove senders that need to be blocked. Email messages from these senders will be deleted or will be moved to a special folder called as 'Junk E-mail' and they will not reach your Inbox.

These are the steps to configure the Outlook program for junk email messages. To know more, you can refer to the Omnitech guides posted in the official Omnitech support website.

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