Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fix The Outlook Error Message – “The Requested Operation Failed”

When Microsoft Outlook encounters certain problems, it displays specific error codes that help users troubleshoot and fix the problem effectively. One common error message that users get is “The requested operation failed”.

There can be many possible reasons why you get such an error message. It depends on what you were doing when you received the error message. Listed below are two possible reasons why you receive such an error message. Go through the following instructions that will help you fix Outlook problems associated with such issues.

While Archiving Messages

One occasion where you could have received the error message "The requested operation failed" is when you try to archive messages in Microsoft Outlook. Do you not want to know the reason behind this? If you investigate the problem, you would find that it stems from an HTML message that is being archived and that it has many nested HTML tags.

Installing the hotfix application on the server that hosts your mailbox is a good option to identify and fix this problem. When Outlook comes up with this error message, the hotfix will log the message that is causing the problem in the Application log. Go to this Application log and try to identify the particular problem message.
Next step is to forward the problem message to yourself from Outlook. When you send the message, Microsoft Word will reformat the message and remove the unnecessary HTML tags. Now you can go ahead, delete the message, and continue archiving.

While Running a Synchronization Process to Work Offline

One effective method to fix this problem is to clean up your Outlook folder. When you try to synchronize Outlook to work offline, you might get several error messages beforehand, telling you that Outlook cannot synchronize. If you leave these error messages unattended, eventually you will get the error message, which says, "The requested operation failed".

The occurrence of this problem could be due to reason that the data in your email folders exceeds the amount allotted by your mail administrator. One method to fix this issue is to reduce the amount of storage space your email takes up, thereby reducing the amount of data in your email folders. Another method is to delete old, unnecessary messages, especially those with attachments.

Once you have done this, press the F9 key on your keyboard, to run the synchronization process again. You should now be able to perform the Outlook synchronization successfully.
If you still face some Outlook problems, better contact the Outlook Support team and get advanced assistance.

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