Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ask A Friend To Fix Your Computer

Windows 7 is packed with some new features that will leave you clueless about how to get around them. You might be even facing some unwanted issues and do not have any idea on fixing them, this is where the Remote Assistance service comes to use. The remote Assistance allows you to delegate all your problems and queries to an experienced user to sort out for you. Remote Assistance is a procedure where you handover control of your system to another user but under your supervision.
All you need is good network connection to pass over the control, sit back, and see your problems getting resolved. One great aspect abut remote assistance is that you can view how the problem is getting solved and this comes in handy when you suffer from similar issues. Here are some guidelines to help you set this up.

1. Choose Start menu on the bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel in the menu. Now select System and Security, then System and finally Remote Settings.
2. Ensure that the System Properties dialog box is showing the Remote tab.
3. To enable Remote Assistance check the Allow Remote Assistance Connections to This Computer checkbox, then click Ok. This should close the System Properties box.
4. Now launch the Windows Help and Support and click the Ask button. Then select the Windows remote Assistance link. You can now authorize transfer to someone else by selecting the Invite Someone You Trust to Help You link.
5. A page appears where you can invite assistance using an email. This can be done in two ways:
a. Select the Send This Invitation as a File link that creates a file you can add as attachment in the email.
b. Alternatively, send a regular email by clicking on Use E-mail to Send an Invitation link.
6. It is a choice to provide your password in the mail; if your recipient is trustworthy, type in the password in the mail.
7. Note down the password appearing in the Windows Remote Assistance window. This password you use should be at least 6 characters long - this is compulsory for Windows 7.
8. You can control the session using the Windows Remote Assistance window once the connection is established. Employ the tools to change settings, sending files, cancelling, chatting and stop sharing.
9. Once that’s done select the Close button to close the session. If you wish to set a password, type and verify it.

If you face issues with the Remote Assistance procedure, call at the Windows Support number. Experts at the Windows Support number will guide you through the procedure to obtain secure and proper connection, and for removal of errors.

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