Monday, July 29, 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Error And Startup Crashes

Cannot start Outlook! This could have happened due to an unexpected Outlook error, resulting in constant crashes during start of Outlook. Computer problems and applications going dead are always troublesome. You try to open Outlook to send an important mail and it annoys you with this error.
It would have been irritating for you to have frequent Outlook startup crashes. You would have always wanted to send a report to Microsoft, quoting ‘I cannot open Outlook’. Let’s sort out this Outlook problem and don’t get upset with the same.

Troubleshoot Outlook error

You need to find out the reason behind the Outlook crash. There are probably two quick and easy ways to locate the cause of error. The Outlook database itself would have gone wrong.

Outlook mail database error

In this first troubleshooting task, you would have to check Microsoft Outlook database functioning with the help of following steps.

Step 1

Go to Windows Start menu located on the task bar and click Run option listed in the pop up box.

Step 2

A small box would be displayed after finishing step 1; there would be a rectangular portion in this box to type in text. You need to type in Outlook.exe /cleanpst in that box.
You may conclude that the Outlook crashes would have happened due to database error, if this troubleshooting task fixes the crash. You would have to locate the database on your system with the filename .pst. It would be enough to run the scanpst utility of the file as this fixes all the file corruptions in the database. Your computer would also have Scanpst.exe file.
If this task fails

  • In case you experience startup crashes even after this troubleshooting task, go ahead with the following steps.
  • Go to Windows Start>>Run
  • Type in Outlook.exe /profiles
  • Secondary profile issues
  • If you have a second profile, other than your main profile, check it and see if the crash error persists. If this doesn’t work, proceed with the following instructions.
  • Go to Windows Start>>Run
  • Type in Outlook.exe /cleanprofile
  • These steps would reset the corrupted registry keys and clean your profile. You would now have full access to a trouble-free Outlook application.
  • Now, you wouldn’t have cannot start Outlook problems. If you still have doubts or unresolved Outlook problems, helpline numbers that are open 24*7 would assist you in fixing the same.

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