Monday, June 30, 2014

Accessing Live Hotmail Account From Outlook

Microsoft Outlook program is the email manager program that is used by most people to manage their email accounts. Here we discuss simple Outlook setting instructions for configuring Live mail account with the Outlook email client.

  • Open the Outlook email manager program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop and then click on the Tools tab found at the top side of the application window. 
  • From the drop down menu that appears on the screen, click on the Account Settings option and then select the E-mail tab found under it. Click on the option named New found in the context menu that appears on the screen. 
  • Select the type of account as Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP, based on the type of email server your service provider employs and then click on the Next button to continue with the configuration process. 
  • In the text box found next to the option labeled as Your Name: type in the name that you would like to display to your contacts when you send them an email. Also type in the email address in the field labeled as E-mail Address. 
  • Put a check mark in the box found next to the option labeled as Manually configure server settings or additional server types and then click on the Next button. 
  • Select Internet Email, click on the Next button and select the type of account as POP3. 
  • Set the incoming mail server as and the outgoing mail server as 
  • Now in the User Name filed, type in your complete email address including domain name and type in the password for logging in to the account in the Password text box. 
  • Click on the More Settings button and then put a check mark in the check box found next to the option labeled as My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server found under the Outgoing Server tab. 
  • Set the incoming server port as 995 and outgoing server port as 25 in the Outlook setting window and then click on the OK button for saving the changes made to the program. 
  • Click on the Next button followed by the Finish button for making the changes permanent. 
If you follow the simple Outlook Setting instructions given above, you will be able to configure a Live mail account in the Outlook program with ease.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Utilize The Power Of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Office is a leading application that is very much popular in the world of computers. Many of the businesses make use of Microsoft Office. This suite consists of applications like Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. Among these, the most popular ones are Excel and Word. This article discusses some of the important features that are available in Excel and how to learn them easily.

If you thought that the Excel program is only aimed at the business users, you are wrong. Many of the users use it for personal uses at home. Some of the features that the user should understand about the Excel program to unlock the vast potential of the application are working with spreadsheets, cell formatting, entering of data and editing them, different menus and toolbars, navigation between different spreadsheets, inserting different functions like date/time, formula calculation, using the different charts that are available, inserting, deleting and editing the comments on cells etc.

The Microsoft help forum tips that are shared below will help you know more on the different options that are available for the users to master the tricks of Microsoft Excel through a CD.

How To Master Excel Through A CD

Making use of these CDs, the user will be able to learn Excel at their pace and need not waste time attending classes. The Excel CD would contain screenshots of the different commands, steps to make professional looking spreadsheets, inserting charts, formulas, diagrams, tables etc. The user can also get hands on training and this would be more interactive. One of the biggest advantages of learning Microsoft Excel from a CD is that you will be able to read the material at your own convenience.

This CD will help the user to master the Excel program easily and the user will be able to make use of all the features of the program. You may use CDs that are provided by Microsoft itself or from third party providers. If you wish to know more on how to order the CD to learn Excel, you may contact the Windows tech support team. They will help you to know more on the steps to order the CD.

You can also visit the Microsoft help forum to know more on the steps to utilize the ultimate power of the Microsoft Excel program. You will be able to clarify your doubts on making use of all the features of the Excel program from this forum. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Microsoft Warns XP Users Against Installing Update Hacks

We all know that Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, and they are no longer releasing any security patches for this completely outdated operating system. However, some XP users have found ingenious ways of installing the latest Microsoft security updates in their unsupported OS.

Installing Windows Embedded OS and Windows Server 2003 updates in XP

Some clever XP users have figured out a way to install a hack in the XP OS, and make some changes in the Windows XP OS registry database. And, this, it seems, will be enough to convince the Windows Updater application that you are using Windows Embedded OS, or Windows Server 2003. You can then easily install the latest security updates available for these operating systems, without any compatibility issues.

This hack involves using the security updates for the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 version. This is an embedded OS designed for point-of-sale equipments and other peripheral devices used in the industry. Now clearly, your Windows XP OS is not the same as Windows Embedded OS. So, installing the security updates intended for the Embedded OS in Windows XP might not be a good idea.

The Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 version will receive tech support for five more years, until 2019. But, Microsoft has already realised what is going on, and issued warnings to the XP users not to meddle with the OS registry, and install the security updates not intended for the XP OS.

According to Microsoft, installing such security updates clearly not designed for the XP OS might result in OS problems. XP users are instead urged to upgrade to any of the latest Windows operating systems that still receives tech support.

Upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

There is no need to make any Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparisons before you upgrade from Windows XP. Windows 8 is clearly superior to the Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft has fixed most of the Windows 8 problems in their latest Windows 8.1 OS update.

If you make a Windows 7 vs Windows 8 comparison, you will realise that Windows 8 has better security features, more cloud support functions, more cool apps, and so on. Plus, the hardware requirements for both these operating systems are pretty much the same.

So, instead of installing these hack updates in your old XP OS, upgrade to the latest Windows 8 OS.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Of The Interesting Windows 8 Features

Although Windows 8 was severely panned by most users, the operating system has finally proved that it is here to stay. As per the latest market sources, the Windows 8 usage has increased considerably in the last couple of months. This basically owes to the fact that several XP users have finally relented and started migrating to the latest OS.

Since, Windows 8 will be seen in most of the PC’s in the coming future, let us check some of the interesting features of this operating system:

ARM tablet support
  • Microsoft has enabled the support for ARM tablets in Windows 8. This is a marketing strategy to provide stiff competition to others in the field of smartphones and tablets.
Windows to go feature
  • Now, you can install Windows 8 operating system in your computer even by using a USB device called the Live USB. In addition to this, you can also setup various computer programs configurations and information using this feature known as Windows to go.
Apps from Windows Store
  • Windows Store is one of the best Windows 8 features because you can download a plethora of interesting apps from here.
  • Quite similar to Google’s Play Store, the Windows 8 users can install various apps from the Windows Store. The developers can also post their applications for the Windows 8 supported devices.
User Interface
  • The users-interface of Windows 8 is a properly organized one developed in Metro Style. The key feature of this interface is that only the most important information will be revealed to the user.
  • The interface is developed in such a way that the users will find it easy to operate on the touchscreen.
Enhanced security
  • Microsoft has included an improved edition of Ms Windows Defensive player as a part of the enhanced security settings in Windows 8. This program serves as a complete virus protection device for Windows and protects your system from malwares such as malware, viruses, Trojan viruses and root-kits.
  • In addition to this, this application ensures real-time protection against protection risks in the computer.
Faster Startup Time
  • Microsoft has ensured faster startup in Windows 8. The inclusion of Protozoon computer file program makes it possible for the users to use the PC immediately.
  • This means that booting and rebooting the system will be finished at superb speeds.
Looking at these useful Windows 8 features, one can see that the operating system will soon be taken to actively, before long. Microsoft is also planning to launch more updates for this OS, which will ensure a more advanced computing experience for the users.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Wireless Issues In Vista

Windows Vista was released after the release of the Windows XP operating system, but it did not become much popular among its users. Wireless issues were much frequent among all the Vista problems. The Windows Vista operating system will save the needed account information to make a login to the BeaverNet. A change in network configuration or password will make it very necessary to update this data in the Windows Vista operating system. The Windows Vista operating system does not update the account information automatically. The easiest and simplest way to force the Windows Vista operating system to update the information is to delete the account configuration and then make a new one.

The steps to get rid of the wireless connectivity issues in the Windows Vista operating system are discussed below in this article. You can follow these steps carefully so that you will not encounter any such Vista problems.


  • Turn on the Windows Vista computer and after the computer loads, go to the Network and Sharing Center. There are more than one ways to do this. One of the ways is to launch Control Panel, by clicking on the Start menu. 
  • Select Network and Internet from the Control Panel menu. 
  • From the Network and Internet panel, select Network and Sharing Center. 
  • In the left column of Network and Sharing Center, under the heading Tasks, there is an item named Manage wireless networks. Select this item by clicking on it. 
  • In the Manage wireless networks panel, you will be able to see an entry that is meant for Caltech BeaverNet. You may right click on this entry and then choose Remove network. Doing this will make the Caltech BeaverNet entry to disappear. After doing these steps, you can close the window. 
  • Now you can move back to the Network and Sharing Center and then click on the Connect to a network item that is located in the Tasks column and then make a new BeaverNet connection. 
These are the simple steps to get rid of the wireless connectivity issues in the Windows Vista operating system. If you have any doubts or confusions in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Windows support number for further assistance. The support technician will be able to help you finish the steps successfully without encountering any errors.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Xbox One OS Gets An Update

It has only been a few months since the official release of the Xbox One gaming console. But, Microsoft has already been working on making many improvements to it. According to the Microsoft help website, Xbox users will soon receive an OS update for their console which will improve its overall performance and add a few new features.

What can you expect from the Xbox One OS update?

Xbox One is already a great success. In the first few months itself, Microsoft sold more than three million consoles, and this figure will soon cross the 4-million mark. However, as with any new Microsoft operating system or product, there have been a few user complaints as well. And, some of them were about the Xbox One operating system.

There were a few reported glitches in DVR recording. Some Xbox One users had problems with the Party Chat option. According to the Microsoft help website, with this Xbox One OS update, Microsoft has solved these issues. Also, they have introduced better chat volume control options for Kinect system in Xbox One.

As part of the update, the Xbox One OS will also get a sound mixer tool for snapped apps. Also, the update will improve the search engine functions in the gaming console. Overall, this new OS update will improve the performance of your Xbox One gaming console.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 taking the lead

Perhaps, the release of this new OS update within just a few months after the release of the new gaming console, has something to do with the fierce completion between Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Last time, Xbox 360 sold more units than PlayStation 3, making Microsoft the leader in the gaming console market.

So, this time around, Sony came up with an aggressive pricing strategy. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is 100 dollars cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has decided to unbundle their motion sensing device from the main gaming console. This will be sold as a separate accessory. This allowed them to slash the console price down by 100 dollars, outcompeting the Xbox One console in the market.

Microsoft is marketing the Xbox One console as the entertainment hub for your home and their Kinect motion sensing system is part of this package. Sony, on the other hand, are marketing their product only as a gaming console, with the PlayStation Camera motion-sensing device as an optional accessory.

Let’s see if Sony can maintain their lead in the next few months.