Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Xbox One OS Gets An Update

It has only been a few months since the official release of the Xbox One gaming console. But, Microsoft has already been working on making many improvements to it. According to the Microsoft help website, Xbox users will soon receive an OS update for their console which will improve its overall performance and add a few new features.

What can you expect from the Xbox One OS update?

Xbox One is already a great success. In the first few months itself, Microsoft sold more than three million consoles, and this figure will soon cross the 4-million mark. However, as with any new Microsoft operating system or product, there have been a few user complaints as well. And, some of them were about the Xbox One operating system.

There were a few reported glitches in DVR recording. Some Xbox One users had problems with the Party Chat option. According to the Microsoft help website, with this Xbox One OS update, Microsoft has solved these issues. Also, they have introduced better chat volume control options for Kinect system in Xbox One.

As part of the update, the Xbox One OS will also get a sound mixer tool for snapped apps. Also, the update will improve the search engine functions in the gaming console. Overall, this new OS update will improve the performance of your Xbox One gaming console.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 taking the lead

Perhaps, the release of this new OS update within just a few months after the release of the new gaming console, has something to do with the fierce completion between Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Last time, Xbox 360 sold more units than PlayStation 3, making Microsoft the leader in the gaming console market.

So, this time around, Sony came up with an aggressive pricing strategy. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is 100 dollars cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Unlike Microsoft, Sony has decided to unbundle their motion sensing device from the main gaming console. This will be sold as a separate accessory. This allowed them to slash the console price down by 100 dollars, outcompeting the Xbox One console in the market.

Microsoft is marketing the Xbox One console as the entertainment hub for your home and their Kinect motion sensing system is part of this package. Sony, on the other hand, are marketing their product only as a gaming console, with the PlayStation Camera motion-sensing device as an optional accessory.

Let’s see if Sony can maintain their lead in the next few months.

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