Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Of The Interesting Windows 8 Features

Although Windows 8 was severely panned by most users, the operating system has finally proved that it is here to stay. As per the latest market sources, the Windows 8 usage has increased considerably in the last couple of months. This basically owes to the fact that several XP users have finally relented and started migrating to the latest OS.

Since, Windows 8 will be seen in most of the PC’s in the coming future, let us check some of the interesting features of this operating system:

ARM tablet support
  • Microsoft has enabled the support for ARM tablets in Windows 8. This is a marketing strategy to provide stiff competition to others in the field of smartphones and tablets.
Windows to go feature
  • Now, you can install Windows 8 operating system in your computer even by using a USB device called the Live USB. In addition to this, you can also setup various computer programs configurations and information using this feature known as Windows to go.
Apps from Windows Store
  • Windows Store is one of the best Windows 8 features because you can download a plethora of interesting apps from here.
  • Quite similar to Google’s Play Store, the Windows 8 users can install various apps from the Windows Store. The developers can also post their applications for the Windows 8 supported devices.
User Interface
  • The users-interface of Windows 8 is a properly organized one developed in Metro Style. The key feature of this interface is that only the most important information will be revealed to the user.
  • The interface is developed in such a way that the users will find it easy to operate on the touchscreen.
Enhanced security
  • Microsoft has included an improved edition of Ms Windows Defensive player as a part of the enhanced security settings in Windows 8. This program serves as a complete virus protection device for Windows and protects your system from malwares such as malware, viruses, Trojan viruses and root-kits.
  • In addition to this, this application ensures real-time protection against protection risks in the computer.
Faster Startup Time
  • Microsoft has ensured faster startup in Windows 8. The inclusion of Protozoon computer file program makes it possible for the users to use the PC immediately.
  • This means that booting and rebooting the system will be finished at superb speeds.
Looking at these useful Windows 8 features, one can see that the operating system will soon be taken to actively, before long. Microsoft is also planning to launch more updates for this OS, which will ensure a more advanced computing experience for the users.

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