Thursday, September 12, 2013

Edit Folder View Settings In Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 lets users access their email messages in different email accounts by simply logging into one account. When you use Outlook 2007 to manage your emails, you do not have the need to separately login to different email accounts to access your email messages.

In addition to this, Outlook 2007 also lets users create subfolders within mailboxes so that they can organize email messages more efficiently. Moreover, these subfolders can be assigned different view settings to give your Outlook a streamlined look and feel. If you want to experiment with the different view settings for your folders, you can simply reset it to its default view settings and make new changes as required. Another handy feature is that Outlook 2007 lets you apply these changes to all the folders, all at once.  The following Outlook tech support guidelines will help you to accomplish the task quickly and easily.


  • Close your Microsoft Outlook 2007 application if it is open.
  • Click on the Start button and select the option Run.
  • Type outlook.exe /cleanviews into the Open text field and click OK or press Enter. Outlook’s folder view settings will be reset to its default state when you run this command.
  • Now launch Outlook 2007 and login to one of your email accounts.
  • Navigate to the View menu at the top of your Outlook screen and click on Arrange By to expand its sub menu.
  • From the sub menu, select the option Current View.
  • Now you will get the screen to edit the view settings for different folders. Follow the onscreen instructions to make the desired changes including changes in filters, sorts and fields.
  • After you are done with the folder customization, click OK.
  • The changes you have made will be applied to all the folders simultaneously, as you had already reset to the default folder view settings in the third step. 

Your mailboxes will no longer look cluttered and dull after you have customized the folders according to your preference. Try changing the view settings occasionally to avoid the feel of dullness creeping on you while using your Outlook program. Customizing your Outlook definitely brings in a fresh feeling and a new Outlook experience. In case you need any expert advice or help, seek assistance from the Outlook tech support team or visit the Outlook Support website.

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