Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Updating Contacts From Outlook To Your Blackberry Curve

If you are an avid user of the Blackberry Curve, and are a lot into social interaction, then you probably have stored a lot of contacts in your contact list. You should, too. But like many others, you might not have backed it up somewhere safe.
The importance of this little act escapes most people, and they are only made aware of it the instant they realize that something unforeseen has happened to cause them to lose the list of all their contacts. Rather than having to scramble to retrieve your contacts in such a predicament, you can have a hard copy of the contacts, that you can restore the contacts from, without expending undue effort. The Outlook Address book is an excellent choice for a place to backup your contacts. It would definitely be worth your while to update the contacts from your Blackberry to Outlook.

How to go about the process of transferring the contacts
  • Run the Outlook program, and click on File. Choose the Import and Export option, and select Export to a file. Now click Next.
  • Choose the Comma Separated Values (Windows) option, and then click Next. Go to the Export to a File window, and choose the Contacts folder, which contains the contacts you want to transfer to your BlackBerry Curve. Click Next when you’re done.
  • Select the Browse button and set the destination folder to which you wish to export your contacts file. Name the file and confirm by clicking OK. Hit Next after this, and then click on Finished when you’re done.
  • Go online and sign in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account. Select the Address Book link from there and then navigate to it, and then choose the Import option from the bar.
  • Select the Browse button and find the file to which you saved your Outlook contacts. Select Open, and then Add. This will import and update your contacts from the Outlook Address Book to your BlackBerry address book, and you will be able to access them from your Blackberry Curve.
  • Plug in your BlackBerry Curve device to your system and run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Once it has started up, select Synchronize to finish the process.
These are the guidelines to follow to update contacts from Outlook to your Blackberry Curve. For any further assistance, you can contact the Outlook Tech Support team.

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