Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Know How To Deal With WiFi Issues On Windows Vista

Many Windows Vista users have reported issues with WiFi connectivity. This is in fact not a complicated issue. What you need to have is an understanding about the different types of WiFi problems and the steps to resolve it. In this article, I have tried to provide an insight about some of the most commonly faced problems and the steps you need to adopt to resolve the same.
Various types of WiFi problems
As a Windows Vista user, you might encounter different types of WiFi related problems. Some of which include complete failure in establishing connection to the router, failure to obtain a valid IP after connecting to the router, access to internet but not files and printers, and access to files and the printer but not the internet.  Performance problems might also be there like slow internet connection, and the frequent breakage of connection to the router.

Microsoft support instructions

1. First of all you need to setup your network settings through the “Sharing and Discovery” section. To do this, click on the Windows “Start” button, select “Control Panel” from the start menu, choose “Network and Internet”, and click on “Network and Sharing center”.
2. Now you need to decide what all features that you want to turn on. Option available to you include “Network Discovery”, “file and printer sharing”, “public folder sharing”, “media sharing” and ‘password protected sharing”.
3. Compatibility issues between Windows XP and Windows Vista related to wireless network will also be visible. By default, Windows XP names the workgroup as “MSHOME”, whereas in Vista it is “Workgroup”. In order to resolve this issue, you need to login to your system with administrator account on your network that are running Windows XP. Hit the “Start” button located on the bottom left hand corner of your desktop -> right click on the option which says “My Computer”-> select the option labeled “Properties” from the given menu-> go to the tab titled “Computer Name”-> hit the “Change” button-> enter “WORKGROUP” in the respective field-> hit the “Ok” button.  Once you are done with that, put and end to this Microsoft support instruction by rebooting your computer for the changes to take effect.
WiFi issues are not so complicated, you can easily deal with it by following the appropriate troubleshooting steps. If you need advanced help, you can always contact the Microsoft tech support team.

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