Sunday, January 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Update Has Not Solved The OS Problems

An update to the Windows 8 operating system was recently released, called Windows 8.1. The new software would fix the many imperfections in Windows 8 but you should not expect it to fix all of them. As you are aware, Windows 8 was launched in October of last year and the same was expected to be a huge hit.
Even though Windows 8 turned out to be different from the rest of its genre, there were several flaws in it that were pointed out by the users. The Windows 8 OS was launched by Microsoft with a view to help touch screen users. Even the new interface was designed accordingly. However, the non-touch screen users could not enjoy the interface much like the touch screen users. Even the tile-based UI for accessing various apps could be enjoyed only by the touch screen users.
The Windows 8.1 upgrade is found to fix a few of the problems faced by Windows 8. Owing to the problems in Windows 8, many people contacted Windows 8 support for assistance regarding various interface issues. They were confused with the various features and options as the locations for these were different from that in its predecessor.
The new update that will be released could take the user directly to the traditional desktop interface after turning on the computer and this has been introduced as people had some difficulty with the new interface in Windows 8. The most important feature that has been included is the Start button on the desktop. Many Windows 8 users contacted the Windows 8 support regarding the absence of the Start button.
The Windows 8 users could now split their application screen in Windows 8.1, but only a quarter could be used for one app and the other portion could be used by the next application. The new update offers the customers the ability to try more than two applications at a time.
Now Microsoft is working on something to increasing the app quality and they have been increasing the number of apps developed for Windows 8 so that users could choose any from these numerous apps.  Already 100000 and more apps are introduced and these give more priority to the social networking apps like Facebook, Flipboard, NFL and others.
Even after the release of new update, the problems faced by Windows 8 has not been solved completely. Let us expect that these problems will be solved with the next update.

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