Monday, January 13, 2014

Windows 8 Tile Screen App

One of the most revolutionary ideas implemented in the Windows 8 operating system is the tiled Start page or the Start screen, giving it a more touch friendly look. It looks very refreshing and different, and is unique, especially when such a screen appears on desktops and laptops.

However, there is a major drawback when using the Tile interface, also known as the Metro Style interface. If you were to add some new third party programs, the start tile comes out like a mess. This may totally ruin the appearance of the Start screen. But the small portable app called OblyTile allows you to generate good-looking tiles for third party programs, which returns the aesthetic look of the Start screen.

When a third party program is installed on a Windows 8 device, the tile looks strange because the programs pulls out the default logo stored in the program’s installation folder. As most of these logos have not been optimized to adapt better to the Windows 8 Tile menu, these logos end up messy. The main problem is that the logo is probably too small, low definition, or a mixture of both. The only way to make it more presentable on the Windows 8 tile screen, is to expand the logo in size, with proper definition so that it looks better on the tile screen.

The great thing about OblyTile is that it doesn’t need installation. Once you get the programs, just search for that program whose tile needs to be changed. You can search manually or pull out the Manager tool, which produces a list of installed programs in the system. The Manager tool also provides a list of the current program shortcuts in the computer, with the ability to covert these shortcuts to tiles.

OblyTile has a very simple and straightforward interface. To manually set up a tile, go to the manual route, and enter all the details pertaining to the application. Navigate to both the installed folder as well as the icon on the PC. Here you get to choose between different background colors and the title text color. Now click Create tile to generate the tile on the Start screen. The new tile will replace the old tile on the Windows 8 Start screen.

If you do not have the Windows 8 OS, it’s time to consider about a Windows 8 transfer. If you have already had a Windows 8 transfer, then check on Windows Store for the new Windows 8.1 operating system. OblyTile also allows you to place apps on the desktop. This is helpful for those users who do not like the Start tile screen too much.

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