Monday, January 20, 2014

Removing The Ask Jeeves Toolbar From Your System

Those that have the Ask toolbar in their systems would know how annoying it could turn out to be. Indeed, the Ask toolbar acts as an adware toolbar for the Ask website (formerly the Ask Jeeves website). The Ask toolbar is supposed to take you to this website to help in performing your search.

Normally, you would have to visit the Ask website, where you can enter your query in a question form. This website is indeed useful in getting the information that you are looking for. However, the Ask toolbar would affect the functioning of your browser.

About the Ask toolbar removal

Acting as an adware toolbar, this application would change your browser settings and take you to the wrong page – most often the official Ask website. Sometimes, when you want to use the search engines like Google or Yahoo, the Ask toolbar would make sure that reach the Ask search website instead. These things are indeed annoying, and it would be better to get rid of the Ask toolbar from the system, than let it control your browser.

Ask toolbar removal is actually very easy, if you know the correct steps involved in the process. However, most people assume that the mere un-installation of the toolbar from the browser would get rid of it. It would not. You have to make sure that the application running in the background is also removed from the system.

You can start by removing the toolbar from the browser. The toolbar would be found in the Extensions or Add-ons section in your browser. Go there and uninstall it. Now go through the browser settings for the search bar and the homepage, and change it from Ask to any other website or search engine of your choice.

After this close the browser and go to the Control Panel. The Ask toolbar application would be there in the Add or Remove Programs section. Uninstall it. Now restart the system and check your browser to make sure that the toolbar is removed completely from the system.

If not, then you would have to clean the registry to get rid of the remaining bits of the Ask toolbar application in your system. For this download and use an adware removal tool - this would do the job for you. Good luck with getting rid of this annoying toolbar from your system.

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