Thursday, October 31, 2013

Solving Issues Regarding Not Able To Open Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook is a wonderful application that has found use by many. Home users as well as business professionals make use of this wonderful application. Normally people are pretty happy with their Outlook and working on the Outlook is simple and free from issues. However, sometimes, uses experience trouble with their Outlook as they receive an error message stating: Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window.

Users are unaware of the cause of the issue and they become more confused as after running the Microsoft office diagnostics and it showing no errors. Users are made to suffer as the error message pops up, and users are not able to use Microsoft Outlook. Well the culprit is a corrupt xml file that makes these error messages pop up. By following the below provided guidelines, cannot start Outlook issue can be fixed.
  • Making Use Of The Resetnavpane Switch.
If you are using Outlook, you have to exit Outlook. In windows 7 or windows vista, from the search field or in the run command, enter Outlook.exe /resetnavpane. Make sure that there are no spaces when you enter the command. After the command is inputted, the Enter button has to be tapped. When the enter button is tapped, Outlook will be restarted and the navigation pane will be reset to default settings.
  • Removing the navigation pane configuration file.
With the switch, if issues are encountered, the xml file that contains the navigation pane settings can be deleted. %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook should be pasted in the run or search or even in the windows explorer address bar and tap the Enter button. Now the folder that contains the Outlook configuration files will be opened in the windows explorer. It is always better to use the switch than go in for the option of deleting the file directly.

By making use of these guidelines, cannot start Outlook issues can be tackled and you can again use your Outlook to send and receive mails. The corruptions that affect the files may be due to different reasons like abrupt system shutdown, virus infections or even spyware infections. So it is advisable to have a very good antivirus installed on your system. In addition, if you have any trouble following these tips or you want more details on fixing the issue you can visit the Microsoft support website to get more help. The Microsoft support website provides the best Outlook help required for you.

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