Monday, October 21, 2013

How To Delete The Microsoft Updates That Are In Queue

 Windows Update or the Automatic Updates feature of the Windows OS is an accessory program that can download the latest updates available for your operating system thereby helping you to keep your computer and its OS up to date. This will make your PC immune to virus attacks and will improve the performance of the computer. The Windows Update feature can be changed to manual so that the user can select the updates to be installed to your computer from the list of available updates. If the user chooses to install the updates manually, the uninstalled updates can start to queue up in the list. This article discusses the methods to delete the updates in queue. You may also contact the Windows support number to know more on the steps.

  • Press on the Windows key on your keyboard, which is located in between the left CTRL and ALT keys or click on the Start button in the lower left hand corner of the desktop screen to access the Start menu. 
  • In the menu that appears, select the Control Panel option.
  • In the Control Panel window, you will be able to locate the Windows Update icon. Double click on this icon to open it. This will open a new window that shows you the number of Important and Optional updates that are available for your computer. You can click on either of these categories to display the list of the individual updates.
  • Right-click on the update that you wish to remove from the list. From the options available, select Hide update. This will gray out the update text. You can repeat this process for all the updates that you wish to get rid of. When you open the Windows Update the next time, these updates will not be shown in the list.
These are the simplest steps to delete those unwanted Microsoft Updates that are there in the queue. You may also refer the Microsoft Updates module present in the official web site of Microsoft to know more on deleting the updates in the queue. If you are not able to understand any of the steps discussed above, you may contact the Windows support number. The technician will explain the steps to be performed to delete the updates.

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