Monday, May 26, 2014

Windows 7 Boot Camp Compatibility Absent In New Mac Pro

Apple is a company well known for the production of Mac computers, which is mainly employed in many business firms. And their main competitor is Microsoft, which is known for its Windows operating systems. A new software called Boot Camp was included in the Apple’s OS X, which helps Mac users to use Microsoft Windows OS on an Intel-based Mac PC. There are certain things that you need to be aware of, if you are one among the many users who are planning to buy a new Mac and use Windows 7 Boot Camp. Depending upon the version of the Boot camp software that you are using, Microsoft has constantly supported different versions of the Windows on Boot Camp.

Windows 7 Boot Camp helped Mac users to use Windows 7 operating system on their Intel based Mac computers. There is a rumor across the tech world that the tech giant has made a move to remove the Windows Boot Camp support on the newly available Mac Pro Pc’s. As of today, only the Windows 8 and higher OS are compatible with the machine, and all Mac users have found this decision very strange and hard to believe considering the fact that if needed, a Mac PC would be able to run previous versions of the Windows OS. Moreover, older Windows versions are also supported in the older versions of Boot camp on other Mac PCs.

Take for Windows 7 as an example; higher versions of the Windows 7 OS are still compatible with Boot Camp 5.x, whereas its previous Boot Camp 4.x supports both Windows 7 and Windows XP. Therefore, Microsoft’s decision to drop support for all other versions of Windows OS apart from Windows 8, will have an adverse affect on Mac. All Mac computers will face the same problems and limitations. This becomes even worse, when you need to upgrade, even if you own Windows 7 and need Boot Camp.

Older versions of Windows are still being supported by the older versions of the Boot Camp and the Microsoft’s decision to support only Windows 8 is a clear indication that from now on, it is necessary to have Windows 8 on new Mac computers.

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