Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sort Your Mails Faster In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application, successor to the Outlook Express application. Outlook is equipped with tools that let your perform all necessary email actions like sending and receiving emails among other and all your emails are stored in the PST files, a standard extensions employed by outlook to store data.

The MS Outlook program is part of the MS Office suite of desktop applications, which contains many other desktop applications. One of the advantages of using MS Outlook is that you get loads of personal manager tools and utilities. Tools like calendar, notes, journals and contact manager help users manage their day better. You never miss out on deadlines, important meetings and appointments with MS Outlook.

Another benefit of using MS Outlook is that you can add other email accounts to MS outlook. Once setup you get access to all your emails right from the Outlook window saving time. Outlook users can sort their mails even better by clicking one of the column tiles at the top of the window. It is in fact one of the most common and preferred way to sort through loads of emails. However this is just basic sorting, whereas Outlook has tools that support advanced sorting.

This can be easily achieved by pressing down on the Shift key and at least two title columns. You can sort your emails in a variety of ways: based on sender and date, title and date, or sender and subject. To activate either of these options you must ensure to keep holding down the Shift key to get your desired effects.

Outlook will also be displaying the up and down sorting icons in the columns that have been selected by the users so that to can understand how the emails are sorted out in a better fashion. The first selected column will be the primary order while the second column obviously the second order. Plus users can add more columns as well to sort through their mail.

Let’s say that you get a lot of email messages from one sender, maybe your boss or your partner. Sorting the mails according to the sender will display the recent emails that the sender has sent right on top of the column. You could choose to sort these emails on their sizes simply by pressing Shift key then click on the From and Size column so that the largest emails get stacked on top and rest follow in a decreasing order. In addition, you could implement the same sorting on RSS feeds as well.

For any more Outlook help tips and other ways to improve your Outlook experience post your queries in the outlook support page or consult the outlook help desk.

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