Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dealing With The Outlook Cached Mode Error

You might already know about the offline and online modes in Outlook. But you probably don’t know the cached mode. This mode in Outlook refers to the situation where the email client creates a cache file for all the messages and data from your mail server. When you’re online, the mail client would be using this cache rather than directly accessing the online mail server.

This Outlook cache file would be periodically synchronised. In other words, the files and folders in your Outlook client would be synchronised with that in your mail account online. This way, your use of the Outlook mail client would be much smoother, without any loading delays. To use the cached mode in your version of Outlook, you may visit the Outlook tech support page online.

About the Outlook Cached mode error

One of the common Outlook cached mode errors reported by many users is the Outlook account not showing up online. Generally, the cached mode works when the Outlook mail client is connected online. However, due to some error in your application settings, this might be shown as working in the offline mode. You need to check these Outlook settings and make the relevant changes.

For this, go to the Tools menu in Microsoft Outlook. On the expanded Tools menu, select the Email Account option. Then, click on View or change existing email accounts. This would list the email accounts in the Outlook mail client. Click on the mail account that you are using, and press the change option.

Here, make sure that the Cached Exchange mode is activated. You would find a check mark next to the Cached Exchange mode option. If not, you need to put the check mark here and save these changes. Now, restart the Outlook application for these changes to take effect.

Check the internet status of your Outlook mail client – it must be working online. Go to the File option in your Outlook toolbar, and there make sure that the Work Offline option is not selected. If not, change this setting and restart Outlook once again. Your Outlook mail client would now be working in the cached mode online.

If you are still having the same problem – Outlook showing the offline status in cached mode -, then the Outlook application might be experiencing some registry errors. In such cases, you may need to contact Outlook tech support for a solution.

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