Monday, January 21, 2013

Guide To Access Online Help With Windows Vista Operatiang System

Being the leader in the Computer Industry, Microsoft provides help and support center to users from where they can easily avail online support and solutions for their queries and problems related to Microsoft Products.
Microsoft’s Windows vista comes with several inbuilt features including service packs, web browser, networking interface, windows updates etc. Along with this, Microsoft maintains help and support Websites for Vista to provide online support for the users if they come across any problems while working with the OS.
How to access Windows Vista Help? 
First of all, you need to launch the Internet Explorer that comes preinstalled with the Windows Vista operating system.
Now visit the Microsoft’s Windows Vista Help & How-to website to avail basic information concerning the Windows Vista OS including network settings and customizing the system functions etc.
Now you were able to view the following topics: Top Solutions, Using Windows Vista and Getting Started. Each topic is again classified into subcategories to help users to find the solution for their queries.
Now select the Community and Forums option and then click Windows Vista Forums options to contact the Microsoft Technicians directly to report your issue.
Now select the Contact support option from the list of Windows Vista Help options.
Then you need to select the Windows Vista option in the Microsoft Support section to request help from the Microsoft Tech support. Now choose any one of the following options: email, online chat, and phone support to receive feedbacks regarding your problem.
How to avail Microsoft Tech Support?
First of all, launch the Internet Explorer browser on your system
Now visit the support for Windows Vista technical problems and fixing Web page on the Microsoft Support service website. From here you can easily avail solutions for complex problems and computer crashes.
Now place your mouse pointer on any of the following categories: Top Issues," "Networking" or "Hardware and Driver. As soon as you place the pointer, links to the particular help topics gets displayed.
Click the link to view the help information for that category. Sometimes you need to run Fix IT software to detect and fix your issues.
Now trigger the get help now option seen in the top right corner of the Vista Support page to contact Microsoft Customer support. Choose any one of the following options: email, online chat, and phone to receive feedback concerning your issues.
That’s all about getting online help for Windows Vista problems.

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