Monday, July 14, 2014

Finding Device Settings In Windows 8 And Windows 8 RT OS

The Windows OS users are familiar with the Microsoft Help & Support button, normally found in the OS Start Menu. This Help and Support button takes you to the OS wizard, where you can find the links, tools and tutorial articles for dealing with the different OS problems, like where to find the OS options and features, how to connect devices to the system, etc.

A similar Microsoft Help & Support option is present in the Windows 8 OS as well. Since Microsoft has removed the Start Menu from the new OS UI, it is not found in its usual place. All you need to do is just type the word Help from the Start Screen to the search function and you will soon the Help and Support link among the search results. Using the Help and Support app, you can easily figure out the different options and features in the Windows 8 OS.

About the Device settings in Windows 8 OS

The Device Manager option in the old Windows operating systems was very simple to use. A similar option is available in the Windows 8 versions as well. In Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can use the PC Settings function to access the Device Manager options and settings. You just need to swipe to the right edge of the screen to launch the Charms bar.

Among the Charms bar options, click on the Settings button. Here, click on the Change PC Settings option to launch the PC Settings menu on the screen. In the PC Settings menu, you will see many options for managing the OS settings. You need to click on the Devices option from this list. In Windows 8.1, there is a small change in these settings. You will find a separate PC and Devices settings and from there, you have to click the Devices option and so on.

This will take you to the Device settings page, where you will see the option for adding a new device to the system, as well as a list of the all the devices you have currently installed in your system. You can change the configuration settings of any of these devices or add a new device to the systems using these options. This feature works just like the Device Manager function in the old Windows operating systems.

If you have any doubts regarding these Windows 8 options, visit the Microsoft support website online.

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